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For the People, By the People.

 Bar logistics and Consultancy 

What do we do?

 End to end Bar solutions for all sizes and types of events 

We have always felt that both great guests and great staff are required to make somewhere truly come alive. At Fai Watu we strive to create amazing event experiences for your attendees with a keen eye for detail, a wide pool of talented and engaging staff, diligent management and over 20 years experience in the industry.

We provide Bar, Licensing and Event Management expertise all with environmental standards at its core - whether it be setting up a country pub, managing a Hotel cocktail bar or providing all the drinking requirements for a 35,000 people music festival.

You could say; we have been to many, run a fair few and now carry the dinner jacket if it’s required. If you are looking for any type of Bar Event Management or just want some help or direction for your own event and think we can help then get in touch.

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“Fai Watu - This can mean both “for the people or from the people”, combining Scots dialect and Swahili. This is both who we are and what we believe.”

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