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Our Work

 25 Years of experience 

Fai Watu ltd has existed as an event management and licensing consultancy company since 2010 & has been involved in some of the UK’s most famous and successful festivals as well as some not so successful ones.

Since 2010 it has grown as a consultancy business and is now - over and above the 25 years of experience of our Director Michael Havard - able to utilise the skills of many other industry experts as well - from cocktail specialists to skilled and ticketed logistics planning, from a skilled staffing recruitment & vetting team to effective licence application and management experts. We know what to do and who to turn to if we don’t. 


We believe that there are certain key things, which you have control over, that will help make your event bar operate as efficiently as possible.  

  • Get the best possible team and build it well.

  • Always buy good products from reputable suppliers, your customers will thank you.

  • Get the best equipment and use it well.

  • Don’t rob Peter to pay Paul, your GP will always reflect it. 


We at Fai Watu work closely with the event producers to manage all aspects of an event bar. This can be broken down into the following three key parts


 Pre Event 

  • Source and manage the most appropriate range of products for your customers.

  • Manage full SOR stock deals with all suppliers.

  • Create and set a complete drinks list with fully Budgeted pricing and work with the till and data management company to keep the event team appraised in real time.

  • Work with the event producers, the local authority & policing when managing licence applications.

  • Interview, VET & hire all bar staff and required crew. 

  • Fully train and manage all staff, making sure they are fully licence/H&S compliant with your event.

  • Prepare a full SOW (Schedule of works) for the event bars team and make sure that it dovetails with your own event production team.

  • Hire all other required equipment for the bars area within the event.



  • Coordinating my team and all suppliers to make sure they comply with the SOW.

  • Managing last minute changes (there are ALWAYS changes).

  • Over-seeing all build and training of the team.

  • Managing all aspects of licensing compliance and H&S sign offs. 

  • Signing of all bar spaces with event production & linking all relevant team members into Event control. 

  • Continuously reviewing and monitoring the information flow in regards to stock and sales and making sure we are able to maximise profits and minimise wastage. . 

  • Managing the de-rig to a pre-approved plan and in the quickest time possible.

  • Signing off with event production and making sure all stock is returned and sales information confirmed and agreed. 


 Post Event 

At this point we then sit down and conduct a full event bar review with the following key parts taking into consideration;


  • Over-all GP’s and where this can be improved.

  • All supplier contracts and compliance.

  • Licensee review and feedback from local licence officers.

  • Confirming with the event finance department that all bills are settled and all returns have been agreed. 

  • Reviewing areas of improvement for the following year - customer satisfaction, service speeds and drinks ranges, bar placements and positions and over all budget management.

  • Setting of time-lines for the following year.

 Our Clients 

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"Michael has worked for me on the Greenpeace Field at Glastonbury since 2014 when he first joined us in developing the bars on the Greenpeace Field. MIchael is a highly knowledgeable and professional member of the team — he recruits and manages a professional bar team, manages stock ordering, sales, financial reporting and all of the regulatory aspects you would expect of someone in bars management. He always delivers to his deadlines, is also involved in the design process and oversees fit out to ensure our bars are set up effectively. Under Michael’s management our bars have grown rapidly year on year, always over achieving our targets.


If you want a bar manager to join your team and work with you to achieve your bar objectives, manage growth or implement Green purchasing policies Michael is a great option. I have always found him easy to work with and focused on what is best for Greenpeace and the team". 

 Past Projects 

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