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Bar Logistics

 Equipment and Management 

This is another one of those easily forgotten, yet very important parts of managing event bars & one that hugely affects your profit margins. Logistics starts from the first item of stock and/or hired equipment delivered to your site, through to how you manage your stock on site to the last bottle leaving at the event end.


It is essential that you create an efficient and well planned logistics delivery system.  At Fai Watu we have learnt that the following key lessons can make the difference to both your customer satisfaction and your profit margins. 

  • Use the right equipment.

  • Get effective delivery of goods to/from and around your site.

  • Have the right vehicles and plant to safely do the job.

  • Work with an effective, well trained and reliable team to carry this out. 

  • Manage your supplier contracts well. 

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       Event Bar equipment hire 

We hold a range of strong and versatile event bar equipment which can be hired and assembled for your event at very competitive rates;

  • Bar structures - Bar fronts and backs and more bespoke wooden cocktail bar tops.

  • Bar equipment – Pourers, measures (spirit and wine), ice buckets and scoops, cups, bins etc.

  • Décor and dressing – either managing this ourselves or working closely with the event team to design and implement unique and event specific styling of all bar areas. 

  • Remote coolers and cellar equipment – We hold draught install equipment for an event up to 1000 people, anything larger than that and we have an approved supplier we work with on all events or we can work with your events chosen brewery supplier.

  • Plant and Technical Machinery - from Tele-handlers to cherry pickers and everything inbetween - we can source and manage rentals. We can also source qualified drivers for these vehicles.

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         Event Bar management 

This is our key area of expertise. We are able to manage all aspects of the provision of alcohol for your event. It could be a 500 people private event or a 35,000 people festival. We take care of the following;

  • Lisenscing – Helping to manage your event bar licence from initial consultation to full  implementation onsite.

  • Stock supplies and trade deals – Sourcing and finding your event the best possible products for your clients, at the best prices and with the best manageable trading terms. 

  • Bar positioning – making sure your event bars are in the optimal positions within your site in regards to customer movement, functionality and revenue maximisation. 

  • Menu creation – Creating a bespoke drinks range for your customers, managing its profitability whilst maximising choice. 

  • Sponsorship and support – Helping to work with sponsors to make sure both the client and the sponsor achieve the maximum benefits from their relationships. 

  • Environmental impact & assessment – Managing the implementation of all event bar systems to the highest possible environmental standards. 

  • Supply chain – Managing all aspects of the delivery and removal of all items connected to the bars area – stock, installs, bar equipment décor and staff. 

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